March 16, 2009

Living like I mean it

Apparently the Dept of Tourism has announced a new slogan for the state of Wisconsin - "Live like you mean it". Now, I'm not quite sure what that means for tourism to this state, or why the logo has a guy standing on his hands. (But at least it's better than the last ridiculous slogan - "Life's so good"). This morning, I guess 'living like I mean it' meant wind sprints, mountain climbers, and some torturous exercises with heavy medicine balls. 6-pack, here I come! ****************** Beerman took a picture of my new scarf this weekend, but I forgot to get it off my camera. So here's a shot of me wearing it while sitting on my ball in my cubicle. And yes, I got my hair lightened last week Tuesday and only 2 people have noticed. So much for that $100.

****************** We invited 17 kids to C-man's upcoming birthday party. So far, 5 have RSVPed. Seriously? How much stinking cake and pizza am I supposed to order? It's bad enough when we go to all these other kids' parties with gifts in hand, and you get totally ignored and the gift you brought never even gets acknowledged. (Or even worse, when the parents are asked to stay for a party on a hot July day and never offered even water). But to not RSVP less than a week out? Rude.

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Indigo said...

I think that new slogan is soooooo dumb. Live like you mean it? What is that supposed to mean?

And I love your hair, and your scarf!