March 22, 2009

The day after

These are things I've learned this weekend:
  • Chances are the "good" kids are the ones whose parents will stay behind. There is a reason those other parents escape in a mad sprint with evil laughs trailing behind them! (A couple exceptions, of course)
  • I cannot keep my hands off cake. I have many weaknesses, but that is my kryptonite. I've begged Beerman to throw it out, because I'm just too weak to do it myself without putting my bare hands in it and scooping it out like a desperate, famished child. When I said earlier in the week that ice cream was second to bbq ribs, I was mistaken. Ice cream is third, after CAKE and then bbq ribs.
  • After just two ass-kicking weeks of boot camp, I woke up this morning, threw down a protein shake a la Rocky and his raw eggs, and went for a run with Harry... because I felt like it. Huh?!?
  • Harry can run! (We always made fun of him before because we only had Riley, the king of digging deep and running like the wind, to compare him to. But wow, Harry's a good runner! As long as you're aware when he's going to totally put on the breaks to sniff something tasty.)
  • Planning a party for thirteen 4 year olds is a lot of work. I feel like I'm hungover today. But at least C-man is having a kick of a time playing with his ridiculously large haul.

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