April 16, 2014

Staycation continues

We topped off yesterday's French day with the least French thing possible - good ol' American baseball. They lost. Boo. Oh my gosh, I absolutely HATE the Cardinals. At one point, Beerman pointed out all the Cardinals fans keeping the books. We had a good chuckle over it. (We'd noticed that last year when we visited Busch Stadium. What's that all about? Do they think they're going to be next season's third base coach? Do they not have the world wide webs? It's so odd to me.) But the seats were great, and we ran into some family who happened to be there. So overall, it was a pretty good end to a pretty darned great day.

Today is cold again. Gah! So much for nature center outings. I'm racing to get my bee hives painted in time for Sunday, so I can set them up at Grandma's with Beerman's help. Right now, I have two space heaters in the garage, attempting to raise the temperature enough to let me do it.

So today's adventures - after the dentist, a dog park visit, and a hair trim for C-man... Captain America 2. Because nothing says Spring Break like a movie about a winter soldier.

Staycations really aren't that great. Work keeps contacting me because they know I'm in town, and I'm refusing to answer. (Seriously? Figure it out your damn selves!) It's cold. And it's just lame. But hey, it's cheap, and I'm not at work. So I'm going to try to be happy.

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