April 26, 2014

Winning > Losing

Today, I woke up a little dry mouthed after last night's trivia win. We had such a fun night together that I barely noticed my head cold was making me feel like someone slammed my head with a brick. But this morning there were things to do and a dog to be walked at the park before the big opening day in the new Minor's league. It was 45 degrees and incredibly windy, of course, but the excitement in C-man was palpable.

The A's came out over the Tigers 11 - 4. C-man saw a strikeout and a walk that resulted in 3 subsequent steals (the most important part since he can steal in this league). Tomorrow, we're back at it (except in the rain this time).

Me: Did you have fun? C-man: Totally! We were eating bacon-flavored sunflower seeds.

As they say, play ball. Lots and lots of baseball.

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