April 8, 2014

A few of my favorites

I've been running so hard and fast lately with my life, it's nice to have a few play rehearsal-free days. Time to slow down a little and think about good things. A few of my latest favorites, if you will:

  • Lotion bars. How have I not purchased one of these before? It's literally lotion. In a bar. You don't have to get your hands all goopy and nasty, and there's no need to really rub it in. Genius! I may actually have something to do with my beeswax once I get enough.
  • Vacation. I have all of next week off work. It's C-man's Spring Break. We don't have real plans. As in, we're not going to Turkey. But at least hope to get to Chicago for a night just for a change of pace.
  • Kitchen plans. The reason we're not going anywhere is because we have kitchen plans. It looks like the end of July and all through August, we'll be in kitchen remodel hell. But September is going to be amazing!
  • Bee hives. They came last Friday, and I'm going to at least prime them this weekend. Oh my goodness, I cannot wait, it's so exciting.
  • Date bars. The local store has dates mashed up and then rolled in coconut. Totally simple. One piece is filling and sweet and keeps me away from chocolate.
  • Less pounds. The no-chocolate-eating-Lent thing has meant I've stayed out of all the candy jars. Which has meant I've lost weight. And it's enough now that I'm getting asked about it. Sweet!
  • Easter. Next to my birthday, Easter is my favorite holiday. And this year it means installing my beehives. I'm so excited!

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