April 12, 2014

Closing Time

Tonight is my last play. Closing night. Cast party. Whew. Last night was so much easier than last weekend. Somewhere between weekend 1 and weekend 2, my lines just became inherent. The cast got super playful. And it was fun. It didn't hurt that I had 7 coworkers show up who were hooting and laughing through the entire thing. It was pretty great to have the support.

It also didn't hurt that I was on a complete relief from the instant positive mammogram and ultrasound results. There is definitively no mass present, despite there being a lump. The best assessment is that my virus still hasn't been fully taken care of by my body and some lymph nodes are swollen. I hadn't been sleepless with worry, but could tell it was there, weighing on me. So it was nice to have a positive answer!

Beerman has been gone all week, but is now on his way home. It'll be nice to have it all back to normal.

Oh, not to mention - I'm on vacation now! Whoot!

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Mary Z said...

Wonderful news about your mammogram!! Have a great time at the cast party. Now that you've done one, do you think you'll ever do another?