April 5, 2014

Whew. Did it.

Opening night happened. There were definitely hiccups. But thankfully, no barfs. I made all my lines, although one came in a wee bit late. (Damn that, She went looking for Mrs. Danvers!) But there were people in the audience, and they laughed a few times - two points over which I'd previously been pretty doubtful. It really just felt like a giant rehearsal, we'd been doing it so many times. (Well, except for the real wine. That was new.)

And so, here we go again tonight. And you can bet I'm going to nail that Mrs. Danvers line!


Mary Z said...

Hooray!!! Did Beerman and Caleb come to opening night?

l'empress said...

So glad it worked out! (Does the wine help?) You look very good.

Kim said...

You were fantastic! I kept thinking that if we actually made eye contact I'd crack up and totally ruin the entire performance, the director would yell CUT and I'd be escorted out of the theater. :)