April 27, 2014

Another windy ballgame

It was another cold, windy day at the ballpark. I'm getting sicker feeling, as it's now going to my lungs. I figure I am a week away from a doctor giving me antibiotics for bronchitis. So sitting in the cold wind was not awesome. But at least the A's won big, which made it a nice day.

And at least today we answered the question, "What happens when your neighbor and very, very best friend pitches to you?" The answer is, you strike out. (This child has some serious issues at the plate. It's his fourth year in baseball, and somehow, he's got this really weird hitting thing going on. He did get a hit today, at least, although it was pretty terrible. At least he got on, I suppose.)

But the best part was that the two wanted to hang out together immediately after the game. So sweet. And now, I'm going to curl up under a blanket and hope I'm better when I wake up.

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