April 15, 2014

A day in France. Sort of. Well okay, not really.

Due to this year's impending kitchen gutting, we are saving all our "extra" funds for things like 48" ranges and supersized hoods. So there is no Paris. There is no Turkey. And MUCH to the chagrin of C-man, there is no Portugal and Spain. So instead, we decided to find a little bit of France right here in Milwaukee. Okay, not really, but hey, we tried.

After a nice sleep-in, we had some breakfast and made our way to the Milwaukee Louvre Art Museum. My favorites were of the various monks, particularly The Catastrophe. C-man's was Portrait of a Terrier.

From there, because he was hungry and not interested in seeing the Joan of Arc Chapel on Marquette's campus, we headed up the lake a bit to have a delicious Milwaukee French lunch. Steak and frites, bernaise sauce, and of course, chocolate cake with cherries and vanilla bean ice cream over pralines with cherry sauce and pistachios. (I had the creme brulee). The server got a kick out of C-man, and kept referring to him as Eddie (because of the "French" Green Bay Packers jersey, of course).

And tonight, we're behind home plate at the Brewers v Cardinals game. Gennett is in the lineup, and the appropriate jersey is already laid out waiting for a post-baseball practice, pre-Brewers game change.

And tomorrow - a hair trim! I.Cannot.Wait.

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Mary Z said...

We are SO looking forward to seeing that museum sometime - maybe this fall. 8^)