March 16, 2012


  • I'm slowly making progress toward getting this fish tank sitting in its right spot. Yesterday, I moved the piano. Today, the book shelf. And I figured out which tile I'm getting installed underneath it. Progress.
  • The piles and piles of crap I'm throwing out is also progress.
  • What does one do with all these stupid bobbleheads?
  • I really need to get rid of a ton of furniture, but what do you do with it all?
  • C-man and Beerman are taking a tour of Milwaukee's City Hall tonight, and going into the Mayor's Office. I was a Mayoral Intern for 6 semesters of college and used to do that job. "Here's a photo of a dead mayor. And here's a statue given to us by our sister city."
  • C-man desperately needs a new bike. I think the Easter Bunny is going to bring it since he's getting the tank for his birthday. The problem is he wants a green one. Not that many bikes come in green... Thank goodness for the world wide webs.
  • Baseball practice starts next week. Wow. It really is that time again!
  • I'm hoping to get Beerman to the car dealer this weekend so we can make a final decision and get the ourselves a new car. I'm kind of done thinking about it any longer and just want it to be done.
  • One of these days I'm going to get a good night's sleep, and it's going to be amazing.

1 comment:

Mary Z said...

Love it when the sage comes up - it smells SO good.

I'll bet they'll take the bobbleheads at Goodwill. LOL

What kind of car have you decided to get?

I wish I could help you sleep. zzzzzzz