March 8, 2012

Traveling (wo)man

I left my house yesterday at 7 a.m. And arrived at my destination 15 hours later. In between those 15 hours included:

One 3-hour delay sitting on a stuffy plane in Milwaukee

One chatty seatmate who couldn't take the I'm knitting-reading-and watching TV with headphones in and pulling them out saying "huh" in an annoyed tone each time she hit me in the arm because she was trying to talk to me- hint

One missed connection

One long line to get rebooked to get out of Denver

One new flight to LAX

Ninety minutes sitting on a stuffy, delayed plane in Denver

Three hours of driving through LA rush hour

One sweater back complete

One Hunger Games book finished

And the best news? I'm flying back home tonight. Here's hoping I spent all my nasty traveling experiences yesterday!


Mary Z said...

Yuck! Hate to spend more time in transit than at the destination. Good luck!

Kim said...

Ugh what a PITA .... but yay! You are on your way home! Wine club? :)