June 22, 2014

A W for the day

Today has been a winner of a day. We spent the majority of the day at the ballpark. First, watching the A's annihilate the Dodgers 21 - 4 (And that was with the merciful 5 run per inning rule even on innings they didn't have to adhere to that). Then we stayed to see who they'd play on Wednesday. (A game that went an hour and a half past normal time with extra innings) And THEN, we stayed to watch the neighbor kid's team. So I'm pretty much crispy fried.

Meanwhile, my house is a mess with the laundry needing to be done and the floors cleaned and the front yard needing to be mowed. The good news is I'm feeling infinitely better than I did yesterday with much of the swelling going down. Also, C-man biked to a friends' house to watch US v Portugal, so we have a pizza on its way for the two of us to eat for dinner in front of the World Cup on our own TV, and my A's video got a few new cool photos.

I think it's safe to give this day a big win.

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