June 17, 2014

It would have been a good day to stay in bed

  • It's Tuesday. So can we finally talk Game of Thrones finale without someone having a spoiler conniption? Okay, good.
  • It's stormed all night and all morning. I think even if the rain does let up for game time, the fields are going to be too wet to play the last baseball game of the season.
  • Dang. I really need a few more pictures. At least next week is tournament play.
  • It's day 3 of not being able to bend my swollen fingers, for those of you who are counting. Maybe I need to go north and start my poor girl's version of the bee venom treatments.
  • I'm really worried about my Amelia hive. I'm convinced she's gone. Maybe the two weeks away is a good idea to let them do what they're going to do without my interference. Drat.
  • There's World Cup fever at the house these days. Beerman brought home a poster of the entire schedule and C-man is dutifully filling out each score like he wouldn't be able to find it elsewhere if he didn't.
  • My shoulders hurt from this weekend's yard work. Wow, I'm weak.
  • I'm wearing a bright pepto pink shirt today and I keep getting compliments. I sort of hate this shirt, and wore it because it was clean and had sleeves. But apparently it's not so bad.
  • Speaking of sleeves, why is it so hard to put them on shirts these days? I do not really want to wear a sleeveless shirt to work. But my options are incredibly limited when I go shopping when I request such a silly thing as sleeves.
  • It's been 20 years since we watched OJ and the white Bronco. I had just graduated high school and was alone in the house rehabbing my ACL repair, so bored I was weaving loomed potholders like a 12 year old Girl Scout. Mom and Dad were fishing in Ontario (Much like they are now, in fact).
  • It would have been a good day to stay in bed.

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