June 29, 2014

Weekend recap

It's been another busy, eventful weekend. After the A's sad loss on Friday night, I went to see my bees on Saturday. Both hives were quite peaceful and had laying queens. I even took off my face net and gloves. Unfortunately, Beatrix's hive was no more drawn out than the last time. I'm hoping the warmer weather will help out now and they will go nuts. Amelia's hive had taken to their new queen and built out a significant amount of comb. Nothing in the second brood box, as she's refilling the bottom box with eggs. I'd realized about 20 minutes from home I'd forgotten my camera, so you're going to be spared yet another bee photo.

Today, I finally replaced my muggled geocache and went to see the Brewers lose. At least we got 3 Gennett bobblelheads in the process. Now, I need a nap.

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