June 12, 2014

Last days

  • Today is C-man's last day of 3rd grade. He is thrilled. I am thrilled. Everyone raved about this teacher before coming in. But C-man didn't love him. And I didn't think he was that great. Honestly, I don't think he learned that much this year in comparison to other years. It'll be good to move on.
  • He only has to be there until 10:30 today. It's assembly, mass, a bit of extended care, and Beerman is picking him up. Being a 3rd/4th grader kind of rules.
  • He has a game against the Red Sox (#3) tonight. If they win, they clinch #1, and the easiest path through the playoffs. If they lose, they have to win Tuesday night to do so.
  • That means I'm on the hook for getting my last shots for this video.
  • My cough is getting marginally better. I got some sleep last night, which was a nice change of pace.
  • C-man's bee suit came yesterday. I think we're going to both go north this weekend to check out the bees together. I hope his enthusiasm isn't a one-time thing.
  • I also hope Beatrix II is now kicking butt and making baby bees.
  • Is it nap time yet?

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