June 25, 2014

I need some sun

  • I wonder how my bees are doing? As each day shows up rainier and foggier than the last, I'm really losing hope that this is going to work out at all. What a bust.
  • It's the semi-finals of the baseball tournament at 5:45 tonight. A's v Rockies. Go A's Go!
  • C-man had batting practice with a private coach last night because he's been doing this weird batting stance thing again. Hopefully he corrects it for tonight's game.
  • Summer camp is in full swing with football, app building, cartooning, and woodworking. Except he isn't all that thrilled with cartooning, and all his friends are in bowling. So promptly at 9 a.m., I got a call from the school that C-man had been in the office requesting a switch.
  • Apparently he didn't believe me that I'd call to move him, and took matters into his own hands. Funny, funny kid.
  • I think this day is going to need a significant amount of coffee. That's been a pretty solid theme lately.
  • I need some sun.

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