June 5, 2014

Stuffity stuff

  • It's Thursday, which means it's baseball day. They play the team to whom they have their only loss tonight. And this team lost to the worst team in the league. So to say they are revved up for this one might be an understatement.
  • I have a loaner car because my car needed more parts than they originally thought. It's a hybrid. I'm so bad at driving a hybrid because I never know if the thing is on. Plus, the thing doesn't have a key which freaks me right out.
  • The bigger issue - What are the chances I'm going to find my non-car in the giant work parking lot?
  • I took this picture on the way home from Luxemburg the other day. At first, behind my lens and looking at a row of cows, I thought, "Oh, what a nice cow." And then I looked up and saw him. Him. And his big horns. At the end of a row of his ladies. He was not intending to be friendly.
  • C-man lost his A's hat. Again. I'm hoping it's in my car at the dealership. What are the chances it isn't just way underneath his bed again?
  • I'm really into quark these days. It's not as sweet as yogurt, and has more protein. It just leaves a gross aftertaste.
  • I need to think about getting off coffee again. I'm drinking way too much of it.

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l'empress said...

Finding whatever is lost is in the mom job description. My eldest is 44, and I'm still doing it -- because she lives in my house, and my stuff may be underneath!