June 18, 2014

Double first

The A's double clinched first place last night with their final game of the regular season win. It's always fun to be a winner. Doubly nice was that I got the two videos of kids hitting I still needed. Now the video sits and waits, all done, unless there is some spectacular photo I get in the tournament play. Whew.

The rain won't stop, which, of course, leaves me a nervous wreck all night long. Partly because Harry won't stop panting in my face and partly because I'm freaked out the basement is going to flood. Of course, while I'm at work, the heavens are opened up again. Argh!

C-man is really liking his Lego robot building summer camp week. He was kind of poo-pooing it before going, but comes home really happy each night. I love that, because he is going back to Discovery World for August. It would have been a hard sell if he hated this camp!

I think I need to find a new queen for my Amelia hive and head north this weekend. If she's in there, then I'll give the queen away. But if she's not, I really can't afford to waste any time in mid-June. What the heck is going on that I keep losing queens?

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