June 6, 2014

It's National Donut Day

The A's pulled off another win. This one against the team who gave them their only loss. The team that is coached by his former coaches. I don't think he felt the victory was as sweet as I did. He was just thrilled he made a good throw home from third and caught the guy out. That was a really big deal.

I still have a loaner car. I got to the dealership last night and they informed me another car came in that they couldn't give a loaner out to. So here's hoping they actually fix the car today.

I'm getting sick. Oh, who am I kidding? I am sick. Scratchy throat. Dizzy head. And my "I don't give a damn" is running especially high.

I keep thinking about my bees. We're heading north tomorrow to go to a family graduation party, and I'll check on them before we head over there. I'm really, really hoping Beatrix II is freed and laying eggs and I can stop worrying about that hive.

Today is National Donut Day. I just ate one and now feel sicker. I make such poor choices about my sugar intake.

It's also Friday, which negates any bad feelings I have about being sick or my sugar intake or listening to the last half of The Fault In Our Stars on my way to work (really bad choice). Because it's Friday. So all is right.

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