June 7, 2014

Bees and Family and Sniffles

We headed north again today. My car seems to know the way without even telling it anymore. I checked on my bees. Beatrix II was still in her queen cage, so I removed a bunch of the fondant in the hopes she'll be free in the next day. I was hoping to go 2 weeks without a visit, but alas, I'll be up again next weekend. And this is why they said to keep the hives close... Oh well, it is nice visiting Grandma regularly. Amelia's hive continues to be strong, with many baby bees having emerged.

Then we headed to a family graduation party. where there was food, family, loads of new babies, and a quick storm. A lovely time, which would have been a lot better if I hadn't been hacking and wheezing. (I have some plague of a virus that is decidedly not awesome.) But we stopped at the Olde World Pastries on the way home, a bakery I see on a frontage road just off the interstate each week. We got some kringle and pasties for breakfast and a dinner some night. I'm hoping they're great.

Tomorrow, I rest. And go see some baseball. Of course.

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