June 2, 2014

It's National Leave the Office Early Day

Last night's baseball game got rained out. But not before we got there, they held batting practice, and C-man got a fat lip from getting bonked with a bat. (He's fine now) I'm suspecting tonight's going to be a wash out, too, but have my A's t-shirt packed in my bag just in case.

Finding a new queen bee is a tricky thing. Everyone is either sold out, or because of the cold spring, they don't have any available until the end of June. I cannot wait that long if I'm going to save this hive. I'm crossing my fingers that I've found one, but we'll see... I need a Beatrix 2 quickly.

Harry has been having a very hard time with these thunderstorms. We now have 3 separate beds set up for him to choose which makes him feel the best. And where did I find him last night? On the bathroom floor.

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Kim said...

Thank goodness someone got a great shot of yesterday's double rainbow! We were in the car without a camera and it was GORGEOUS!

Sorry about the queen bee, who knew they were in such demand??