June 27, 2014

One more game

  • The A's won their semi-finals game against the Rockies, and are headed to the championship game tonight against the Red Sox. C-man struck out and walked, but had a nice defensive play at third that saved at least one run. So it was good. Go A's!
  • Except for one kid, I have 20 decent photos of every kid on the team uploaded to the team website I put together. I hope it's enough. Or not weird. I always fret about this being weird.
  • I'd really like to take a Tramdol for this pain today, but know it would knock me out. Probably not the wisest choice while at work.
  • Every day, C-man is playing football, making movies, bowling, and building a wooden bench. I'm so jealous.
  • I'm starting to upload all my photos from 2009 to an online site so I have cloud backup. Not to be Captain Obvious, but I've taken a lot of photos.
  • I get to see my bees tomorrow. Here's hoping the queens are laying and the bees haven't fought each other to the death.
  • Oh, and Go A's!

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