June 11, 2014

Cough Choke Wheeze

In what feels like at least the third Wednesday this week, I do declare that I am totally exhausted. This virus nonsense has really gotten me down. At least I'm not coughing my way through the day so far... So far.

At least it seems that the bullpen is going to release another #WCWW video. Reports on Twitter are saying something is going on in the bullpen. This is really the only thing Twitter is good for, by the way.

Father's Day is Sunday. Beerman wants to go golfing. I haven't been golfing in ages. This could get really funny.

Oh, how I stress about this baseball video. Do I want this picture of the kid or that picture of the kid? Did I pick the right song? Did I miss a kid in something? Does anyone even care that I'll send it out? Oh crap, I need to get more pictures of this kid because he has fewer than the others. Every year I say I'm not doing it again. And then I realize I have to so I have an excuse to stay behind my camera and not yell inappropriate things at calls I don't like.

Speaking of baseball, because the A's have one more game played than the Royals, as long as their game tomorrow doesn't get rained out, they only have to win one of the games to stay in first because the winning percentage is higher.

C-man's bee suit is supposed to arrive today. He wants to go to Coleman with me to use it. I sure hope this isn't a one-time use thing.

I really don't want to have to make that drive again. 3 times in 7 days is too much. Especially twice while not feeling great. At least we have the Olde World Pastries Plus to look forward to along the way.

I really hope the Beatrix II hive is kicking butt and catches up to Amelia. After all, it's Austrians vs. Italians now.

Speaking of competing countries, the World Cup starts tomorrow. Every time this happens, I get so disappointed in FIFA and their shenanigans. But then get all excited about the event anyhow. I always feel that way about the Olympics, too. Stupid FIFA. Stupid IOC.

And really, anyone who has ever been to Brazil knew the stadiums wouldn't be ready, and everything would be rife with corruption, right? Fabulous country, but seriously predictable.

The good news is I have Friday off. One more work day to go!

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