June 10, 2014

Because I can say nicer things now

You know that rule about if you don't have anything nice to say? Yeah, that's where I've been. Sniffling and snotting and coughing and being ornery. Argh.

In other news, the A's lost on Sunday to the #2 team. It was a really, really good game that unfortunately didn't go their way. Thankfully, they won last night. But they have a game against #3 on Thursday and #2 again on Tuesday. So they need to win out to win it all. (Except they'll have played one more game than the #2 team, so I don't know how that works.) And then that'll be it for his first regular season as an A. You know... until tournaments.

I'm mostly done with the annual baseball video. I need to video one more kid getting a hit, and then just arrange the photos in their final-final spots. I've been so much smarter this year. I did a shot list and have been uploading photos to the blog on a pretty regular basis, so that piece will be all done by the time I can go live with the video. But it's still a crap-ton of work. I really need a Mac to do this stuff more effectively. You know, after I buy my D800 camera and 2 extra beehives.

Speaking of beehives, C-man and I have Friday off, since Thursday is his last day two hours of school. (Seriously, what is the point?!) I was thinking of heading north to see the bees since Beatrix II couldn't be bothered to free herself last weekend. But then the neighbor asked if C-man could hang with them for the day. I'll see how I'm feeling, I guess. C-man's bee suit is supposed to arrive tomorrow, though, so maybe he'll actually want to go.

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